Friday, January 9, 2009


I'm still here! Bet you're glad to know that! I have been so busy with life in general and I'm loving it. Home is great, life is great, photography is great, and my God is great! I am looking forward to the things that God is already doing this year - and I am believing that they will only get better as the year goes on.

I am still in the process of trying to get my portfolio together, so if I haven't contacted you yet, know that you are on my list (all of you Brandi, Fran, Pam, and everyone else)to have pictures made. I am finishing up Erica's wedding (which by the way was to awesome for words)and then I will be making calls. Hope you're all ready. I have found some really unique places to shot and I am looking forward to putting this portfolio together.

Now on to other things - tax season is here again (UGH!) - but I am happy to be employeed, even though my heart wants to be retired. God knows my heart on this and He already has it worked out, so I just have to wait for His timing - not mine - which is like asking a child to wait on that cookie until after supper! It seems like it takes FOREVER. But in the end, I know it is going to be worth it.

As I ramble on - I am excited that IGroups and WOW are starting back up. I truly miss everyone when we are off like this - and with the new year comes the excitement of a new BFW - And speaking of excitement - Julie and Jeff are getting married on March 14th. Isn't it amazing how God works - you pray and pray for something and then when it happens, you are so surprised it nearly knocks your socks off. And that's just what has happened here. This guys shows up at life group meets Julie, and the next thing you know, he is asking to date our daughter, WHAM-BAM turn around three times and, he is asking to marry our daughter. Nothing like God's timing! And the wedding is on. You know how much I love the wedding thing, the only problem is we need a photographer. Doesn't that sound funny? So if any of you are interested in being the photographer at the wedding, let me know. Seriously, please let me know.

Well, there is so much more I could and should talk about, but I'll save that for another day. (Bet you're glad) I just wanted to say "HEY I'M STILL HERE".