Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Candle for Miles

Abba Father, Healer, touch Miles with your healing power and restore him from the top of his beautiful head to the bottoms of his precious feet. Send your ministering angels to surround Randy, Brandi, Joey, Spencer, Jocie, and Melody during this time and give them strength, peace of mind and super natural rest during Miles recovery.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Calm before the Storm?

Over the past few months I have had a sense of being disengaged. Not from God - but from everything else. I mentioned this at life group a couple of weeks ago and found that several others were feeling the same thing. We discussed why we thought we were feeling this and what actions to take to overcome this. After discussing this and coming up with a game plan I felt some what relieved. First to know that I wasn't the only one feeling this and secondly to know that we were going to take charge of this and be over comers. All week long I sought after God regarding this and during the week it was bits and pieces came to me.

Then last night at group (with several different people) the subject came up again. I shared that I felt like we were in a loll, the calm before the storm so to speak, but that I sensed something big was coming.

I have prayed and meditated on this all day but I still didn't seem to be able to get over the feeling that we are in a loll (kind of like the calm before the storm) and the underlying anticipation of the coming of ???? Notice I said underlying anticipation - not underlying dread!

During my prayer time today God revealed this to me:

What is coming will require much of us individually and as a group. He also revealed that we will be used in a mighty way. The best way to describe this is like we are going to be deployed - called out and called up to the fore front, to be taken out of our comfort zone to STAND (and conquer)! Stand (and conquer) for the Kingdom, to stand (and conquer) for the lost, to stand (and conquer) for the searching, to stand (and conquer) for those seeking, to stand (and conquer) for those who are ill, hurting and confused, to stand (and conquer) for those who have fallen through the cracks, to STAND (and conquer) and all that is required thereon. And when it seems impossible to continue, we will be endowed with super natural strength to STAND (and conquer) longer and bolder than ever before.

He also revealed that while I perceived that I was disengaged (not for God) but everything else - that was exactly what He wanted me to be. When I disengaged from everything else I was able to hear from Him more clearly and deeply.

So, while I wait with great anticipation for what is coming - my game plan is to be more disengaged (from everything else) so that I can hear God more clearly and deeply. And when I am "deployed" I will not be caught unprepared. I will be ready to STAND and when it seems impossible I will continue to STAND.

Monday, January 21, 2008


OMG - Where to start - About 6 months ago Julie sent me some information about a photography contest and encouraged me to enter. I wasn't to sure about it, but I figured "What the heck"! So I entered a picture and after a few weeks I received a very nice "Your photograph is not what we are looking for, thank you very much, keep on trying" kind of notice. Rejection at its best! Cut you to the bone and encourage to you to come back for more.
Well, being the everlasting "Sore loser" I did managed to do the most mature thing I could think of - I refused their offer in a "Thank you for the invite, but your contest is not what I am looking for!" kind of response.
Several weeks went by and I received another invitation to enter the contest again. I must admit by this time I had finished licking my wounds and was ever so slightly considering entering another photograph, but just wasn't sure I was up to the rejection "thing" again. As I sat in front of the computer reading the invitation again, my sweet husband walks in and announces that "You're (I'm) a coward!" He starts making fun of me for being afraid of rejection! About this time I am thinking he must have lost his mind or else he is on drugs - but no matter what his excuse is I'm about to jump up and punch him in the nose!!!! I immediately go into ghetto lanuage mode!!! (all the while assuring him that I'm not afraid of being rejected). After he wipes that "I can't believe you're talking to me that way" look off his face, I proceed to pick out another photo, ask him to name the entry, and sent it in. Sure made for a pleasant evening at our home!
Everyday since then (past 3 months) I have been looking for the "Thank you very much, but no thanks" notice! It arrived today, but to my surprise the notice read like this - "After thoroughly reviewing and discussing your photograph, I am please to inform you that our Selection Committee has advanced your contest entry "Fall" to semi-finalist in the Children category in the International Open Amateur Photography Contest . . . . . we also wish to publish your photograph in our forthcoming anthology . . . Endless Journeys (Library of Congress . . .)
I am so excited, no I am more than excited! But the funny thing is, I don't care if I win anything, I am just so excited that I wasn't rejected again! Now how's that for crazy???
Oh, and I really like the idea of being published in a book!But better than all of this - I'm going to be a Grandma again!!!Just proves once more - Jesus loves me best of all!

Jordan - All around nice guy

All of you know my precious son Jordan, but did you know:

When he was 5 years old, he brought his Dad over to meet me, so his Dad wouldn't be lonely?

He would laugh so hard milk would come out his nose?

When he was 6 years old he wanted to be a paleontologist?

He got hit by a car while riding a bike?

He loved to play with legos?

He loves fishing and hunting?

He has a fantastic baritone voice?

He loves to play the drums, anytime-anywhere?

He loves Praise and Worship music?

When he was 12 he came to Clyde for summer vacation and refused to go home. He even offered to use his own money to pay for an attorney to help him draw up the papers so he could stay?Four months later he came to live in Clyde?

He is a straight A student?He loves to talk and listen?

He got a University scholarship to McMurry?

He got numerous scholarship offers, but wanted to stay in this area because of KLF and praise and worship?

He is an avid UT and Dallas Cowboys fan?

He was invited to play the drums for UNITE when he was a Senior in high school and he still plays with them today?

He doesn't party or drink?

He is handsome?

He is the original "ALL AROUND NICE GUY"?

He loves his family?

He loves little kids?

He can be counted on through the good times as well as the bad?

He has had the same girlfriend for almost 3 years?

He never misses a service at KLF unless he is out of town?

He thinks he might like to be a police officer, or an accountant, or a musician?

He remembers everyone's birthday? and

He takes me to lunch once a week and pays?

Like I said, he is an all around nice guy. So, if you think about Jodan today, say a little prayer for him and all of the other "ALL AROUND NICE GUYS" you happen to know. Where would we be without them?

Well got to run, Jordan is taking me to lunch!

My List is Complete

I know I've said this at least a zillion times, but I going to say it again (and again and again) God is so good!
A while back I posted this:". . . a few months ago I began dreaming and believing for several things and that is when my list really began. Here are the things I have the power within me to bring to fruition and by faith I will succeed"
1. My mother's health to improve
2. My brother-in-laws cancer to disappear totally
3. My photography business continue to grow
4. God to provide a place for my photography business
5. My relationship with my son Timothy to be healed.
6. My life group to be returned this semester.
7. Remodeling my home with additions to kitchen, bathroom and extra bedroom
8. Finances to pay for remodeling without going into debt
9. Finances to pay off truck so that we can be totally debt free
10. New computer, with two monitors for photography
11. Continued favor for Doug in his business
12. A nice fall vacation with my sweet husband
13. A closer relationship with God and more understanding of His ways
14. A closer relationship with the people from KLF
And now I would love to update this list.
1. After my mother had to be brought back to life 3 times, the doctors put in a pacemaker and she hasn't died (literally) since then - Her health is slowly returning and she actually was able to come and visit us for the Pecanfest.
2. Some of you already know, but if not, my brother-in-law is CANCER FREE!!! The doctors are baffled -go figure! I spoke to my sister last night and she and Tony are hoping to come and give testimony at KLF and to also thank everyone that prayed for them.
3. Gosh, my photography business is crazy! For the first time I did some advertising (not word of mouth) and I am totally booked with Senior, Christmas, engagement and wedding pictures until next April. Also, I have booked several parties and weddings to plan, coordinate, decorate and cater. This is just an added bonus.
4. The building has been set up, but at this time isn't being used for photography as much as it is being used for all of the photography supplies, wedding-party planning, decorating goodies and props. It is so wonderful to have all of this.
5. Tim and I are doing very well, God has restored our relationship to better than before. He also opened the door for me to be able to witness to my precious son Scott and to be able to help him out during the divorce, which by the way isn't going to happen. God has restored their marriage and it is now in the healing process. Thank you God.
6. Life Group is back - Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes!!!! All of my prior people are there and we even have a few new people. God has sent us those that are longing for relationship and it is so fitting, since we are all about relationship! I'm loving it!
7. My house is being remodeled, but not in the way I saw it. Instead of adding a bigger kitchen and extra rooms, God has added more love, more children, more laughter and smiles, more family time, more togetherness, and more crayon art in all of the rooms. It looks like a totally new home.
8. We didn't even have to go into debt to pay for the remodeling job - actually our finances, love and time were multiplied 100 fold.
9. The finances to pay off our truck came about, but also different than I saw it - the truck was wrecked (not to badly) but it couldn't be repaired in time for our vacation - so the dealer made a deal and we now have a new 2008 Titan with a long bed. But the old truck is paid off!
10. The computer is fabulous! I am even getting lessons on PhotoShop CS2 and all it cost was a few piano lessons. A great trade-out of services for me and an even better way to be relational. I'm just loving this!
11. Doug's business is going great guns - they even purchased the Christmas Decor Franchise and he is heading up the decorating crews. One more experiment for them. By the way, he isn't willing to let our home be the model home for Clyde - What's up with that anyway?
12. Our first fall vacation was perfect - so much so that we didn't want to come home. If you have never been to Eureka Springs I highly recommend it. We rode the train, went to Thorncrown Chapel, toured Beaver Dam & Lake, went to Cosmic Caverns, toured the 1998 Crescent Hotel and the 1905 Basin Hotel, saw St. Elizabeth's Catholic Chapel, saw the Christ of the Mountains, attended the Passion Play and History of the Earth Museum, and shopped old town and Fain's Herbacy (as talked about on NPR). We are planning on going back next year!
13. & 14. Like is I said, God is so good! I love our church, worshipping, learning, and growing there. The saying - There is no place like this place, so this must be the place - totally applies. There is no place like this place and I know this is the place for us.
I just wanted all of you to know that by faith my list is completed. I will never be afraid to dream or believe again. I have the power within me and I am created to be a dreamer. I love you all.

The Mountain was Removed

I wanted to share the following post from my sister with all of you: And she says:


You've got to read this!
I promise you won't be let down - just lifted up
Please leave them a comment.
They were counting on you and they know you came through!
Thank you all!
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Bridesmaid

What are the odds of being asked to be a bridesmaid at the age of 51? It must be 1,000 to 1, I'll bet. But yours truly was asked to do just that. And let me tell you - it was an experience.

First off I had to shop for a dress. I just knew it would be so easy to find a PINK bridesmaid dress right here at the end of summer and it would even be on sale, but being the everlasting bargain hunter I decided that I could find a better deal on the perfect PINK dress on E-BAY!

So began the daily hunt for the perfect PINK bridesmaid dress. I was so excited to actually win the first dress I bid on. I was even more excited when I won the second pink dress I bid on. But I could no longer hold my jubilation when I also won the third dress I bid on.

I waited in anticipation for the arrival of my 3 perfect PINK bridesmaid dresses. Finally the first dress arrived and imagine my surprise to find it was a perfect size 14, except it was a children's size 14. I was a little sad but it was not a big problem, after all I only paid .99 cents for the dress.

The second dress arrived a few day later and it was absolutely beautiful. The perfect color PINK, beads all in place and it had only been taken up about 2 inches in the rib cage. OMG the seller forgot to mention that one minor detail. The dress would fit anyone with a 38DDD chest and a 20" waist. Unfortunately that wasn't me.

A few more days past and the third PINK dress arrived. It was just like the seller described it. Go figure! I was so excited that I stripped in the bathroom at my office and put on my newly purchased PINK bargain dress. It looked so good and it even zipped all the way. There was only one minor problem - it flatten my chest down to an A cup.

I was so sad and so out of time to find a dress. So, after my sweet husband stopped laughing at me for being such a tightwad and he bought me this dress:

That's my sweet sister, Brenda next to me.

This is the love of my life!
We celebrated our 14th anniversary on September 4th!
P.S. He even bought me the silver sandals. What a man!

Praise List Update

God has been so good and I wanted to give you all an update on my list:
My heart's desire has been returned. We are going to be life group leaders again this semester and if nothing else had happened on my list I would have been completely satisfied anyway.
But God didn't stop with just that: I am so excited to report that I finally have the new computer that I hae been believing for. It is fabulous with a 22" flat screen, CD/DVD burner, Photoshop CS2, Microsoft Digital Imagine Suite, and of course all of the other great things that come with computers. It was custom made by David Garcia. He is such a blessing.
And: We will be leaving on September 29th for vacation. Yes, a real vacation with all the driving, camping, fishing, sightseeing, reading and sleeping, along with all the other wonder stuff. We are going to Eureka Springs, Ar. It is referred to as the little Switzerland of America. They have lots of shops, museums, art galleries, stage plays, outdoor concerts and the Passion Play. I saw the Passion play when I was a teenager and I remember how fantastic it was. As the years have passed they have enlarged the outdoor arena and added new visual and sound effects. I know it will be wonderful.
In closing, God has returned prophetic dreams and visions to me in full force. I am so overwhelmed at all He has been giving me, but I know that this is part of my destiny and I will not be a shrinking violet when it comes to Him ever again. Everyday is a new adventure and I am so looking forward to seeing God move not only in me but our household, our church and our friends. YAY God!

Surgery Jitters

I am going for surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m., for the knee I tore a few weeks ago, and so not looking forward to it.
I am having the procedure done at ARMC and I am so uneasy about the whole thing. I was ok going to ARMC, even though Hendrick is my hospital of choice, until I went to pre-op yesterday.
As I was being registered by woman named Cora (who by the way will never win any awards for compassion or diplomacy), that informed me 1) having to register me was cutting into her lunch time, 2) my orders hadn't arrived from the doctor and it was making her behind schedule, 3) it shouldn't be her job to have to track down the doctor's orders and 4) by the way I hadn't met all of my deductible so my part of the bill would be approximately $1,918.14. She then demanded payment - cash, check or credit card.
I asked don't they bill when they have the final amount, to which I received a blank stare. I then told her that I would have to ask my husband (who was out of town at the time) how we were going to pay. I explained to her Doug is the one that takes care of all of our finances. Cora announced "I've heard that story before!" I told her that I was glad that she had heard that story especially since it was scriptural. Cora then informed me that I would have to pay something up front or they would not be doing the surgery period, and if I needed to make arrangement to pay this out then I would need to talk to "Steve"! As I walked out of her office I just kept stareing at her in total unbelief.
Uneasiness offically set in at that moment.I have always gone to Hendrick in the past and they have always treated me with so much respect, so I was totally taken aback by this kind of treatment from a private hospital that is suppose to be so good. I expected so much better. Please don't take this wrong, but it's not like I am an uninsured homeless person looking for free medical service (I have nothing against homeless people). I have excellent insurance with BCBS and the upfront money isn't a problem, but this woman, who didn't know me from a hill of beans, treated me like I was the filth of the earth. By the end of the day I couldn't stop dwelling about it and then the tears started.
After thinking about this all day I finally realize that my unease comes from the thought that if something goes wrong will I be treated the same way by those who are suppose to be caring for me as Cora treated me in admitting? Now how crazy is that?


What a Week!

Have you ever heard someone say "Man what a day!" Well my is "Man what a week!"
My precious son Scott found out that his wife of 8 years has been unfaithful and wants a divorce. This was such a shock to him, especially since they have been together the past 15 years and they have three beautiful daughters. He wants Lisa to stay and work out their problems, but unfortunately she doesn't feel the same. My heart aches for him and his family, but through this Scott and I have talked and shared more than we have in years. God's hand is covering him and his family and He has allowed me the opportunity to minister to my oldest son. This is such a blessing for me and I know that God's hand is over them. However, our talks have lasted well after midnight each evening and my energy is running a little low.
Plus the movers have been in our office all week long and the complete office is in turmoil. I am an absolute freak about there being a place for everything and everything being in its place, which is so not what my office is like. Matter of fact, it is so crazy Frankie (my angle fish) swells up and goes into attack mode everytime someone walks by his bowl. He likes order just like I do, so we are both a little out of sorts.
Then on Friday, I went to the doctor (for the MRI results on my knee) and I successfully managed a 6-8" tear that runs across the back of the knee and down the leg. The doctor hopes that it can be fixed through scoping it, but if not then he will have to open it up. I am scheduled for surgery this coming Thursday. This is so totally not on my agenda for this summer because I am booked every weekend until September 15th with weddings, parties and such. Enough complaining!
The good news is God has answered the following things from my list:
3. My photography business continue to grow (Tremendously)
4. God to provide a place for my photography business - (God gave us a free building and it great)
5. My relationship with my son Timothy to be healed (Amazingly)
10. New computer, with two monitors for photography (Ordered and waiting on delivery)
11. Continued favor for Doug in his business (Two new employees added this week)
12. A nice fall vacation with my sweet husband (Going to Eureka Spring, Ar. in late September)
13. A closer relationship with God and more understanding of His ways (More and more everyday)
14. A closer relationship with the people from KLF (Totally fulfilled)
In closing, please keep Scott and his family in your prays during this time.


WOW! No! I really mean WOW! I cannot tell you how fabulous this weekend was - but of course most of you were there and already know. My mind was and is still in total overdrive. I wake up thinking "I WILL RUN - I WILL RUN - I WILL RUN" and I go to sleep thinking "I WILL RUN - I WILL RUN - I WILL RUN". My heart is free and all the junk is gone.
For the first time in my life I feel like I am no longer on the outside looking in, I feel like I belong, truly belong. The last thread of legalism has been broken, the last of the past hurts are gone and I am not ashamed to hold my head up and look you in the eyes. I am no longer defeated but a victor, no longer a shadow of who I really am, and most importantly I am no longer afraid to be who I am created to be. My destiny is clearer today that it has ever been and I am no long afraid to step out into it.
While in Heaven my passion for God, my family, my church and for life was returned. I walked and talked with God. I mean I really talked to God and He talked to me. I asked so many questions and He responded to each. One of the questions I asked was "If a gift He bestowed on me and I refused could be returned to me?" He simply smiled and said yes. And that's exactly He did. When I went to sleep that night I had a prophetic dream, the first one I have had since I asked Him to take that gift away. He totally restored my gift of prophetic dreams. I asked for the strength to rebuke condemnation that is thrown at me - and He did. And I asked Him to take away my fear of being criticized just to name a few.
While talking with God on my way to work this morning He told me to put some of my pictures on my blog today! (OMG! I had to move my bracelet to the other arm!) My first response was people won't like them. It was amazing how fast Satan showed up just to put the fear of criticism in me. Well, I have struggled with this all day - and I finally realize how crazy it is. So, take this you deceiver - my fear of being criticized ends here because He is all I want and He is all I crave and yes "I WILL RUN - I WILL RUN - I WILL RUN"!
With each picture I post I feel that fear slipping away. How wonderful it feels to not worry about what someone thinks about you or your work (passion). Thank you God for such freedom!

Faithful One

I haven't posted for quite some time and I apologize. Things are pretty crazy and unfortunately I am not at a place where I can discuss them with anyone just yet. So, until I am released to share with you all, I ask that you please pray for my oldest son Scott and his family.
While driving into the office this morning I felt such a closeness with God even though my heart felt like it was breaking in two. I began to thank God for hearing my prayers and for being the same God know matter if I am on the mountaintop or in the valley. I thanked Him for His steadfastness, His loving guidance and His faithfulness, and as I drove God responded to me with the words of a song I use to listen to everyday. What a magnificent God we serve and how precious and faithful He truly is.
Selah - Faithful One
I find no hope within to call my own
For I am frail of heart, my strength is gone
But deep within my soul is rising up a song
Here in the comfort of the faithful one
I walk a narrow road through valleys deep
In search of higher ground, on mountains steep
And though with feet unsure, I still keep pressing on.
For I am guided by the faithful one.
Faithful, faithful to the end,
My true and precious friend,
You have been faithful,
Faithful, so faithful to me
I see your wounded hands, I touch your side
With thorns upon your brow you bled and died
But there’s an empty tomb, a love for all who come
And give their hearts to you, the faithful one.
Faithful, faithful to the end,
My true and precious friend,
You have been faithful,
Faithful, so faithful to me
And when the day is dawned and when the race is run
I will bow down before God’s only Son
And I will lift my hands in praise for all you’ve done
And I will worship you, my faithful one.
I thank God for being my faithful one.
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Climbing the Ladder

Isn't it funny how we dream of things, but never use the power God has given us to bring those dreams to fruition? Do you think it is because we never knew we had the power or was it because we were afraid to use it (in case of failure)?
I must admit that I have long been a dreamer of great things, but never really realized that I had the power to bring them to life. However, last Saturday I had a photo shoot at ACU and while there I saw the statue of "Jacob's Dream". I was so overwhelmed by his struggle to climb the ladder, by the angels around him and by his hand reaching to the sky. Large stones were laying on the ground around this statue and they were engraved with words like (THE LORD), (GOD) and various other things. How appropriate that it was raining while I was there. It just made the whole scene so surreal. I saw myself struggling to climb that ladder, the rain beating down on me making my climb even harder but all the while reaching toward the sky, reaching for the goal. Just then I realized that I have had the power within me all along!
To sum this all up, a few months ago I began dreaming and believing for several things and that is when my list really began. Here are the things I have the power within me to bring to fruition and by faith I will succeed:
1. My mother's health to improve - DONE
2. My brother-in-laws cancer to disappear totally
3. My photography business continue to grow
4. God to provide a place for my photography business - DONE (God gave us a free building)
5. My relationship with my son Timothy to be healed.
6. My life group to be returned this semester.
7. Remodeling my home with additions to kitchen, bathroom and extra bedroom
8. Finances to pay for remodeling without going into debt
9. Finances to pay off truck so that we can be totally debt free
10. New computer, with two monitors for photography
11. Continued favor for Doug in his business
12. A nice fall vacation with my sweet husband
13. A closer relationship with God and more understanding of His ways
14. A closer relationship with the people from KLFI do have the power within me and I will see this list completed. Please stand in agreement with me.

Coming out of the Closet

Well here I am - sort of - anyway. And the first thing I have to do is confess that I have been a "closet browser" of the blogs of some really special people for the past couple of months. So to all you special people - Erica, Pam, Cherith, Trish, Fran, Monica, Brandi, Gail, Becky, Jennifer, Amanda, Rachel and Brenda - I am proud to announce that I have officially "COME OUT OF THE CLOSET". No more slinking around for me.

Now I must admit that I have really enjoyed reading all of your blogs. I love the words of encouragement, the thoughts, the jokes, the EVERYTHING you write. How totally creative each and everyone of you are. I am working on my list of things that I am believing from God, and like most of you I can't stop thinking about Ginny's talk. I also keep hearing the words that Gail shared in her talk last year - "I didn't expect much and that's exactly what I got"! Those were the most profound words I have ever heard and they are more profound today than they were last year. So, I am expecting everything and I know that is exactly what I am going to get.So to all you special people, thanks for sharing your blog with me and letting me hang in the background for a while.

I love each and everyone of you and I look forward to the BFW this week because I am expecting EVERYTHING and that's exactly what we are going to get.