Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Journey

On March 31, 2013, Easter Sunday, we began a journey.  It was not a planned journey, one of wondrous sites, cool breezes, beautiful beaches, luscious forests, magnificent mountains and such, yet a journey all the same.

Easter Sunday, was a beautiful brisk morning, brimming with plans to celebrate the resurrection of our Heavenly Father.  First church with the family followed by . . . a trip to the emergency room!  Wait that wasn’t in the plans, something had gone wrong, terribly wrong. 

During the worship service our precious Dad collapsed.  We knew he hadn’t been feeling up to par, but we had no clue how ill he was.  A rapid trip to the ER, followed by a week of testing, poking, prodding and praying, then more testing, poking, prodding, and praying, and just as his patience was running out, the doctors came to inform us that our precious Dad had, among other things, cancer.

This week we will officially be two months out since being told of our precious Dad’s diagnosis.  Two months into a journey that was not planned, yet a journey all the same.  We have had some good and bad days, happy and sad times, time to share and time to love on one another.  We have spent time with family and friends, old and new, shared our thoughts, hopes and prayers, talked of the days ahead and reminisced on the times gone by and we have spent time in silence knowing that words were lacking and unnecessary.  Final goodbyes had been said, arrangements made, and we had prayed and asked . . .  asked for Dad’s final desire, the desire of his heart to be fulfilled before leaving this world – to see Tim’s face.  Tim has been deployed and was scheduled for R&R at the end of this month.  (you see, for days I had heard “you have not because you ask not”, we asked, believed and we stood in agreement)  But by Mother’s Day it didn’t look like our precious Dad’s final desire would come to fruition and then. . . WOW (just like our precious Heavenly Father) . . . we hit the ultimate “RALLY” period, you know that time when you would think that the diagnosis must have been terribly wrong, a bad joke! 

Our precious Dad, you know that Dad that was not sick and dying, that Dad that joked, laughed, sang from the bottom of his heart, never missed a church service, running to and fro, talking on the phone, watching his ball games, and actually breathing without difficulty had been restored.  By Memorial Day, we knew that our precious Dad’s final desire would come to pass. 

On May 28, 2013, Tim landed on American soil, and our “Rally” period ended the same day. We know that our Heavenly Father has given our precious Dad his heart’s desire for he will see Tim’s face tomorrow.  And then Dad’s journey will continue.  It is a planned journey, one of wondrous sites, cool breezes, crystal clear waters, brilliant lights, streets of gold, gates of Pearl, walls of jasper, loved ones who have gone on before, our sweet Momma and our Heavenly Father, a journey to the Promised Land, the place he longs to be.  What a journey it will be.

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Ann Mckee said...

Im so happy that Tim gets to come home and your precious dad gets to see him, hold him, and hug him. Prayer answered.