Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Saying Good-byes

A year ago today we, my Dad, my sister Brenda and hubby Tony, and I, as a family, were gathered together to share our sweet Mother’s last days here on earth.  We were so blessed to be with her as she said made preparations for her journey home.  Over the next two days, Mom made sure we were ok with her leaving and going to be with “her” Jesus, she asked each of us to promise to take care of one another, did a final roll-call of all the grandchildren and great grandchildren just to make sure they were all well, said her final good-byes to friends and loved ones, we laughed and joked about what she was going to do when she got “home”, we sang praises to God, she shared her memories and talked of days gone by, often slipping into the other realm seeing those who had gone on before (and angels coming to take her home), she loved on us as much as we loved on her, and on the night of May 8th, our sweet Mom said her final “I love you’s”.  I remember clearly on that last night my precious Dad telling “his baby” that it was ok for her to go.  All the while his heart was breaking.  I remember him telling her how much he loved her, and she telling him what a good man he was, and then hearing my precious Dad telling her he would be joining her soon.  At that moment, even in her death, all was right with this world and as it should be.  A short time later our sweet Mother went to be with “her” Jesus, leaving this world with dignity and grace.

Today, we, my sister Brenda, daughter Julie and family, niece Tissa, hubby Doug and I, as a family, are gathered together to share in our precious Dad’s last days here on earth.  We are so blessed to be with him as he makes preparations for his journey home.  Over the remaining days we have with him, Dad will know we are ok with his leaving to go to be with “his” Jesus and “his baby”, our sweet Mom.  He knows we will take care of each other, his grandchildren and great grandchildren are reporting in so that he knows all is well, friends and loved ones are trekking to Clyde to say their final good-byes, we are laughing and joking about what he is going to do when he gets “home”, we are singing praises together, Dad is sharing his memories and talking about days gone by as well as his looking forward to his journey “home”, he is loving on us as much as we are loving on him, and on that night I know he will say his final “I love you’s”.  In that time, we will let our precious Dad know it is ok for him to go.  All the while our hearts will be breaking.  He will know how much he is loved and he can rest assured we will be joining him soon.  And at that very moment, even in his death, all will be right with this world and as it should be.  Then a short time later our precious Dad will be with ‘his” Jesus, leaving this world with dignity and grace.

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.     Psalm 116:15

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